Church Retreat

October Sundays have to be my very favoritest days of the year; 4-5 crisply clear, invigoratingly warm days sandwiched between coolishly cold nights. (btw, sometimes I like to make up words) I am always sad when it rains on an October Sunday. I feel like I’ve been robbed, so glad not to be robbed this time. This weekend was the perfect showcase.

For me, it did not get off to such a glorious start since I did not so much think about packing until 9 am Saturday morning and we cannot even begin to get a family of 6 out the door in one hour without more forethought. So I rushed around (just for the record – not in this order), yanking a comb through my daughters hair (gave up and ordered her into the shower to try and tame/detangle the bush) threw random clothes into bags, took my turns in (FB) Scrabble, hastily piled the breakfast dishes in the sink, forgot to buzz Jack’s hair, poured a bit of bleach into each commode so the place would at least smell somewhat clean when we returned (and then, of course, they needed to be used again…) Yelling at everyone to for goodness sake, ‘eat your breakfast! we need to leave soon!’ and ‘Do your chores, now!’ Showered, ran out to the barn to rescue my screaming son thinking our attack cat must have hit again, but he was only mad at the chickens because he couldn’t keep them out of the cat food dish (yes, we do have a dangerous cat, beware when you come to visit, well actually, just stay out of the barn) And then after all that, most of us sat in the car and waited. Waited until the last were ready. And we drove off, forgetting to close the garage door. Which of course we did not realize until we returned home.

We had a great weekend! Come and enjoy the pics!

As usual, click on any picture to see it larger.

Ultimate Frisbee

Some players were happier than others. I think he got walloped somehow.

Some came prepared to play.

Others did not.

I think this is why football players wear a mouthpiece? Am I right?

It is a game about a lot of reaching, stretching….

He played with all his heart and soul.

The kids certainly enjoyed being included in the game. Next up: Zip Line!

The beginning

The first person to try the zip line! Thanks for showing us how it is done!


She looked so unruffled. :)

Debi, the first person to make a graceful landing!

Some folks were not content with a ‘normal’ ride!

No, there is not going to be anything to grab onto to save you from an inglorious landing.

Meanwhile, some were doing the scavenger hunt

Attempting to catch a tadpole

final instructions

the most enthusiastic launch!

Others preferred to see what was coming from a different angle

To the tree, to the tree!

I will pretend and say this was an artistic crop and I tried this pose.

the climb to the platform

Betsy on the way up

did everyone look this apprehensive?

and give that cable a tug to make sure it was secure?

on her way!

Every child needs a cheering section, so we cheered him up that tree.

No turning back this time!


Really? It’s safe?

So pleased with his big brother!

What boys do best,

throw stones

and watch Dad.

Perhaps the smallest person of the season to attempt and complete the climb up the tree (considered a bigger challenge than the actual ride)

A few brave souls tried the canopy course.

There were many more good times shared, but by now I was tired of the camera and left off carrying it with me. (actually, I sort of forgot about it too)

Soccer. Hiking. Kite making.

There were meals that I did not have to cook,

A campfire complete with singing and smores.

Table games.

An inspiring church service.

Talking, talking, talking.

A ballgame, gym time and more Frisbee.

We had a lovely in time, in spite of the fact that first thing Sunday morning, I dropped a certain article of clothing directly into an unflushed commode. Hey, sometimes you wear what you gotta wear but in this case, I did not choose to.

I chose to enjoy the day! Yay!

(Thanks for hanging in there through all those pix)