Here is a list of books that I have found helpful over time in leading Children’s Story Time. Many of these books may seem antiquated and some are simply not available at your local bookstore. I include them here partly to share what I use, but also partly to encourage you that sometimes a good book may be hidden in the dusty recesses of your parents attic or lurking in a musty-smelling box of books at an obscure yardsale on the other side of town. Sometimes you have got to look hard to find them. My feeling has often been that ‘older is safer’, and while that is not intended to be a standard to judge by, I find that it is often true as there are a plethora of ‘empty and shallow’ books on the modern market. As always, if one seeks with all his or her heart, ye shall surely find them [Him]!

Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories, Book 1. This is indeed a ‘dated’ book! But in spite of that, I have found some useful material here. I hope to find more of the series. Apparently he wrote quite a few books. And, no, I did not steal this book from a display, I found it on a yardsale. (does that absolve me if it indeed was stolen? :))

This little book has been amazingly helpful to me. Some stories would not be appropriate for a church service where the adults are listening too, but it has given me some good ideas anyway. I included a pic of the title page to give you a little more information.

Character Sketches. This is a Bill Gothard publication. I am well aware of the controversy and legitimate concern about this organization and it’s leader, I do not ignore that or minimize it but I do hope that I (we) can have the grace to learn from that which is right and discard that which is inaccurate.

The Pineapple Story. Another book from the Institute of Basic Youth Conflicts (now Institute of Basic Life Principles) Excellent, excellent story!

Courageous Christians. This is a very current book, I just purchased it this year. I have not used it yet but I am quite sure I will

Hero Tales. Also a current publication, it should not be difficult to find.