An unspoken question, answered

An unspoken question, answered Truth to be told, I have very few good memories of going to church as a child. I tend to remember the hassle of getting ready to go, the complaints of older siblings, the dreary loneliness of being the only girl in my Sunday School class and very few of us total, at that. Read More

Fear No Eagle

Fear No Eagle It is always quite humorous to hear the botching of perfectly good lyrics, words, and phrases that children come up with; sometimes eyebrow-raising, even embarrassing, but yes, always funny. I spent a good deal of time today thinking about how one of my children has interpreted a certain verse out of Psalms 23. Read More

Church Retreat

Church Retreat October Sundays have to be my very favoritest days of the year; 4-5 crisply clear, invigoratingly warm days sandwiched between coolishly cold nights. (btw, sometimes I like to make up words) I am always sad when it rains on an October Sunday. Read More